Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Unveiled to Add New Amazing Features

The main difference between Xiaomi MIBand 2 and Xiaomi MIBand 1 is that Xiaomi MIband 2 has added OLED screen, which can show the time, pedometer, heart rate and other information more directly. And it supports displaying with hands lifting, it can be used as a smartwatch, Xiaomi miband 2 is built in heart rate sensor which can monitor heart rate in real time for better health.

As for battery life, Xiaomi MIband 2 battery capacity has added to 70mAh, which can support 20 days for battery life. Due to better quality, the price will also increase, Xiaomi MIband 1 sells at 69 yuan, $10, Xiaomi MIband 2 sells at 149yuan, $25, right now there is some famous one to leak Xiaomi MIBAND 3, it is said that Xiaomi MIband 3 will come out in April, 2017, besides all functions on MIband 2, they will add phone call function, and it will have more versions.

Therefore, the price of MIband 3 will also increase, it is said it will sell at least 199 yuan, $33, we believe it can compare with other smartwatch with high-end performance.

Source: igeekphone.com

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