Xiaomi Mi6 breaks the limit of 200000 points at Antutu, scores higher than the iPhone 7!

We have written here at Igeekphone.com several times about various leaks for the upcoming Xiaomi Mi6. The latest leak says that at sometime during February (6th or 14th), will be announced. This means that the mobile must be almost ready. The amazing thing was an image that we just saw at Weibo, that is said to be from the Xiaomi Mi6, an Antutu result that is really amazing!

From what we know till now, only iPhone Plus 7 with the A10 chipset has set a score close to 200000 or to be more exact 183000 points. After iPhone is OnePlus 3T and Xiaomi Mi5S Plus but with much lower points. This is the first time that we see an image from the program saying that a mobile has broken the limit of 200000. This means that the upcoming Xiaomi Mi6 will have for sure the new Snapdragon 835 processor! From what we know, only this processor can achieve this kind of score.

Of course we must now have to wait and see if this score is real and not an image made at Photoshop. but to be honest with you I believe that is real! So only one month and something remains till the official announcement! So what you think, is this score real? Can Xiaomi Mi6 be the first mobile to break the limit of 200000 points at Antutu!?

Source: igeekphone.com

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