Xiaomi MI Small Will Release By the End of this Month Possibly

Today a famous blogger has leaked a new Xiaomi smartphone, Xiaomi MI Small, in fact this smartphone has been mentioned in September, there are many netizens who have leaked the news about it. And Xiaomi offiicial has also made a poll to test the feedback of MI fans.

According to the poll, the result has disappointed Lei Jun, because the users like smartphones with larger screen. Xiaomi has not released Xiaomi MI Small with Xiaomi MI5S together. They finally decided to ditch this smartphone, but right now the other famous netizen has also mentioned it and leaked its specs.

We know that Xiaomi will release its new MI notebook on December 23, according to Xiaomi strategy, they can’t release one product, so we believe there will be a new phone coming out, as for whether it’s Xiaomi MI Small or Xiaomi MI5C, we have to wait until next week.

Source: igeekphone.com

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