Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

  • Thin all-metal case, powerful specifications
  • Intel ® Atom processor
  • Screen 7.9″ with 2048 × 1536 Resolution
  • All-metal case
  • 6190mAh battery
Thickness of the Pad is 6.95mm
All-metal case, lighter by 38 grams, thinner by 18%
Even thinner, even lighter! Compared with the previous generation MiPad thickness of Mi Pad 2 is barely 6.95mm. Mi Pad 2 has an aluminum case, which in addition to the attractive exterior look also is lightweight, reliable and durable. Moreover, unlike the plastic casing, aluminum has a nice gentle shine. In addition that the casing of the tablet has been more pleasing to the touch, for its polishing, we used sandblasting technique, which preserves metallic texture and improves tactile sensation.
Extraordinary tablet
Unusual processor
Intel ® Atom ™ X5-Z8500
Every day, all technologies are improving, that is why Mi Pad 2 is equipped with the latest 4-core processor Intel ® Atom ™ X5-Z8500. Mi Pad 2 is based on a 64-bit processor with the introduction of 14-nm technology, which allows you to improve the balance between energy efficiency and productivity tasks. Integrated graphics processor Intel ® HD Graphics, which increases speed of programs and games, and sensitivity of response. This Mi Pad 2 has 2 GB of RAM, which in turn increases power of the tablet. Therefore, you may notice acceleration response time when you are opening application, a significant reduction in the time delay during games. Move to your goal, without any obstacles.
  • Technology 14 nm
  • 64-bit processor
  • 16/64 GB ROM
Any game of your choice
12 categories, 3300 bright games, fun pastime with Mi Pad 2
Even larger screen, even more opportunities
Retina-display with a diagonal of 7.9 “
Play games and watch the incredible special effects on a large 7.9 inch screen Mi Pad 2. Display with more than 1.5 times of 1080p resolution, is making image “alive” and bright, and each line of text becomes clear and understandable. In addition, Mi Pad 2 can highlight the excellent screen visibility, so you will not have any problems watching videos, photos, web pages, or shopping.
2048 × 1536 Resolution, 326 PPI
Lock Button prevents accidental clicking on the tablet
While watching a video or playing a game, home, return and main menu buttons are automatically disabled , so you can not accidentally switch off the video or to stop gaming.
6190mAh high capacity battery
USB A type-C two-way port
5V / 2A fast charge
What opportunities has tablet, which is equipped with a high capacity battery 6190mAh? Huge! Continuous playback of 100 hours of music or 12 hours of watching video online. Duration of continuous use of the tablet is enough to surf the Internet, play games, watch movies. If your tablet ran down, it is not a problem. It supports fast charging 5V / 2A, so you need to wait a short time and then continue your entertainment.
  • Watch 12 hours movies online continuously
  • 648 hours in standby time
  • Use Mi Pad 2 for book reading
Good viewing, good lens, good pictures!
8MP Camera
For good photos, we have equipped Mi Pad 2 with high quality 8 megapixel camera. Framework viewfinder of tablet is even bigger, press the shutter button and 7-inch photo will appear before your eyes. 8MP camera with excellent quality graphics, as well as a set of different filters with which your images will be extraordinarily beautiful and unconventional. Make photos using a 7.9-inch tablet Mi Pad 2, and then edit your photos. Be creative and make incredibly cool pictures!
  • Lens aperture f / 2.0
  • Video recording 1080p
  • Support for Bluetooth 4.1 technology with low power consumption, connect a wireless headset and listen to music or connect to other Smart devices.
Dual-band antenna
802.11ac Wi-Fi
Mi Pad 2 is equipped with a new generation of wireless technology, compared with 802.11n, high-speed wireless network connection in more than 2! 2×2 Dual antenna, high speed internet access allows you to quickly connect to the network and to communicate freely with friends, to share your photos and easily download your favorite apps.

Updated tablet with new surprises!
Windows 10 (64 GB version optional)
You know thoroughly Windows OS, now you can enjoy it on Mi Pad 2. Install Office software, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, which also provides you with high efficiency. It is very convenient, because your way of work on the tablet will be similar to the work on the computer. Mi Pad 2 is more convenient and more compact than a laptop, put it in a bag or in a pocket, and tablet is always at your hand.
Office (64 GB version optional)
Pre-installed version of Office mobile, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, which also provides you with high efficiency.
APP Store (64 GB version optional)
Wide range of applications, games, more movies, TV programs and music novelties — all offers of Windows.
Mi Pad 2
Fullmetal flagship, containing a variety of books and video games. Windows 10 (64 GB) version optional.
Read on and make your notes at the same time
When reading different books, additionaly that you can adjust the font size and change the background color, you can also make your bookmarks and notes, which makes reading books more convenient and useful. In addition, the tablet supports the “cloud” synchronization, which means that every book stored on your tablet, you can open on your smartphone, computer and continue reading it.
Night mode and eye protection
In order for a long time reading and not feeling any discomfort, we have created a regime for protection of your eyes, in which significantly reduced the risk of asthenopia (eye fatigue). If you are reading a book in the dark, you should switch on a night mode, at which there are appropriate light settings of the tablet’s screen, in particular of background. Thus, you can easily see and read all words and not to feel any pain and fatigue in eyes.

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Enthusiast of technology. Big fan of this Chinese manufacturer that is Xiaomi Inc, which offers good quality electronic devices at a very competitive price.

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