Xiaomi Anti-Pollution Air Mask

After launching the Mi Air Purifier Pro earlier this month, Xiaomi has now launched an anti-pollution mask with built-in air-filter. Calling it the Cloth Pear Fresh Air Mask, this is the company's latest crowdfunding effort, and is being sold on the Mi crowdfunding page for CNY 89 (12$, 12€).

 The mask is made of high-fibre textile, and is hand woven to offer a three-dimensional structure. GizmoChina reports that the anti-pollution mask is light and portable, weighing about 50.5 grams. It is offered in a Grey colour option, with a delicate air filter attached to one side.
The air filter can be detached from the mask, and the housing inside is made of high-quality polyester fabric.

To make it lightweight, there's a home-grown ultra-thin fan and a removable cartridge for ease in future replacement. The fan has three speed level controls, and a power on/off button to save battery. The air filter is rechargeable, and comes with polymer lithium-ion battery that takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge. The filter is apparently able to achieve PM2.5 filtration efficiency of up to 99 percent. This is a first for Xiaomi, as the company has only indulged in making air purifiers before this. The company alongside the Mi Air Purifier Pro also launched the Mi PM2.5 Detector. As for now, this is only available via the crowdfunding site in China, but we sincerely hope that it arrives in India. The alarming post-Diwali pollution levels in North India will have many customers flocking in to buy this Cloth Pear Fresh Air Mask from Xiaomi.

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