Xiaomi Mi Capsule In-Ear Headphones

The Mi Capsule earphones are said to have a comfortable capsule design and hypoallergic silicone earbuds powered by the spiral damping system. These earbuds are curved at an angle of 45-degree from the driver so that they comfortably sit into the ear. Since they are curved, the part of this holds itself in position and prevents the earphones from falling out easily.

There is a 7mm dynamic driver unit helps retain the texture and detail in the sound but also helps produce a good bass. The spiral damping system helps in putting out sounds that are good across genres. The earphone has a MEMS microphone and the control bar with buttons for Volume up and down, and a switch to answer/end calls.

While Xiaomi has mentioned that these buttons are fully compatible with most of the Android smartphones, the Volume up/down buttons won’t work with iOS devices. These headphones are said to have tangle-free cables where the enamel copper wire is wrapped by Kevlar fibers. The Xiaomi Mi Capsule earphones are priced at (11$, 10€).

Alvaro TR

Enthusiast of technology. Big fan of this Chinese manufacturer that is Xiaomi Inc, which offers good quality electronic devices at a very competitive price.

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