Xiaomi Piston 2 earphones

Weight: 12g
Cable length: 1.2m
Sensitivity: 93db
Plug Type: 3.5mm (gold-plated)
Rated Power: 5-20mW
Frequency Range: 20-20000Hz
Xiaomi Piston 2 comes with an inline 3 button remote which can be used for media playback as well as handling phone calls. There is a Y built in the cable for easy access to ears and the controls are made of Aluminum. Cable is thin and is flexible. It is made of Beryllium alloy which is a hard material but is light in weight. Normally this material is quite expensive is used by top companies which produce high price earphones.
Xiaomi piston comes in a well-designed box and has 4 different ear plugs.

Xiaomi Piston earphones have a double damping system. This means that it gives you pure sound by reducing the influence of reflections on the diaphragm. This unique damping system is the key behind the success of this earphone. You’ll not be able to get this sound quality in any other earphones priced in this range. Apart from music beats, if you are on a call, you’ll find the voice to be crystal clear. It has a 3.5 mm jack which is gold plated and can work with your Android and iPhone both.

Alvaro TR

Enthusiast of technology. Big fan of this Chinese manufacturer that is Xiaomi Inc, which offers good quality electronic devices at a very competitive price.

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